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Holy Mass :: 2017 Timetable for Advent, Christmas, Octave of Christmas & 2018 New Year’s Day.

  Fourth Sunday of Advent Octave of Christmas Weekend Holy Mass Saturday Holy Mass 23 Dec. 2017 6:00pm  Tuesday Holy Mass St. Stephen 26 Dec. 2017 9:30am   Wednesday Holy Mass St John 27 Dec. 2017 9:30am*^   Thursday Holy Mass The Holy Innocents, Martyrs 28 Dec. 2017 9:30am   Friday Holy Mass St Thomas

Mass Times- USUAL

Tuesday        9.30am                                                                                                            Wednesday  11.30am            followed by All Day Adoration, Confession at 6.30pm- 7.15pm  Benediction 7.15pm-7.30pm Thursday     9.30am   Friday     9.30am           Saturday    6.00pm          Sunday   9.30am